The Internal Locus Of Control

Internal locus of control

In pickup, there are two main parts to learn in order to become a great seducer: inner game and outer game.

While Outer Game is essentially the “what you do” part, Inner Game, on the other hand, is the “who you are” part. It consists of your beliefs, your personality, how much of an “alpha male” you are, and everything else in your brain that determines your overall non-physical attractiveness as a person.

One of the most basic, fundamental pieces of Inner Game is something psychologists call the Internal Locus of Control. This is something that you need.

The Internal Locus of Control is a worldview that you are in control of your life, the things around you, and the things that happen to you and to other people in your life. The official definition of the Internal Locus of Control on Psych Central states that it is:

The belief that events in one’s life, whether good or bad, are caused by controllable factors such as one’s attitude, preparation, and effort.

That site also provides a great example to clarify what it means:

Example: When the boy failed a test, he acknowledged that he hadn’t studied enough and didn’t understand a few of its key questions. He resolved to meet with his teacher for advice on ways to improve next time.

Internal VS External Locus Of Control

Having this worldview or mindset is absolutely essential because it creates a solid mental foundation on which you can actually better yourself enough to gain the skills necessary to seduce women.

An External Locus of Control, on the other hand, is the opposite thing. It means that, instead of believing that your environment is a product of you, you believe that you are a product of your environment. PUAs also refer to this worldview by other names such as a “victim mentality” and “being a little bitch.”

Again, Psych Central offers a nice definition:

The belief that events in one’s life, whether good or bad, are caused by uncontrollable factors such as the environment, other people, or a higher power.

And, of course, a great example:

Example: Whenever he fails a test, the boy always has an excuse ready: the room was too hot, he wasn’t feeling well, the test was unfair. He never seems to feel culpable, even if he simply hasn’t studied enough.

It’s clear to see how having an Internal Locus of Control would be beneficial to learning any skill or art, and having an External Locus of Control would only hinder or completely halt your progress in life.

There’s more to it than that, though.

Adopting as much of an Internal Locus of Control as you can is also a very attractive masculine characteristic. Think about it – women want to depend on strong men. They don’t feel like women if the men in their lives are whiny fatalists.

They want to be able to follow a man’s strong lead, and in order for you to provide a strong lead, you need to be very clear about what you can do and how your actions can and will affect everything around you.

So, remember to take responsibility for yourself, the welfare of others, and the events around you.

They said, “With great power comes great responsibility” in that Spiderman movie; you just have to wake up to the fact that you do indeed have power, and that you should rise up and be responsible.

Chief, an Asian-American PUA, began his journey of transformation through the teachings of the underground seduction community of pickup artists in 2003. He's hosted workshops in both New Orleans and Northern California, helped lead a "PUA Lair" in New Orleans, and is a moderator on, one of the most popular seduction-related internet forums in existence. His views on seduction and dating have been largely influenced by his experience as a musical performer, American culture, and Zen Buddhism. He runs a blog at
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