How To Know When She Wants Sex

How To Know When A Woman Wants Sex

How to know she wants sex!

For many men, it is nearly impossible to tell when a woman wants to have sex with them. It is in a man’s best interest to know the signs of when a woman wants to have sex, so that they don’t look foolish getting blown out and/or getting KICKED IN THE BALLS.

So here is how you can tell when a woman wants to have sex with you:
Recognize the signals your new target is sending out, and know when she is trying to tell you that she wants to have sex with you for the very first time. Otherwise you could be heading for disaster. There are few things that can upset a woman more than her sending out those signals, and for a guy to reject her – for whatever reason! Men don’t always pick up on the signals – what a surprise … because men and women communicate differently.

Very few women (at least very few women that I know) will come right out and say they want to have sex with you for the first time. They will, however, let a guy know in other ways. There is a limited window of opportunity. If a woman is signaling that she wants to get naked with you, it’s your job to pay attention and fucking CLUE IN. If you miss it then she’ll end up feeling humiliated and you’ll both end up frustrated.

Here are some signals I have noticed along the way:
She says, “I want to fuck you right now.”-HOLY SHIT- I wish it was that easy all the time, but you would not believe how many men even miss that one! And it happens more often than you would think! Most women are not going to walk across the room and tell you to fuck them though. She wants you to warm up to her, even if her mind is made up that she wants to have sex with you.

She suggests a restaurant near her home, so that we could go back to her place afterwards and she wore a much sluttier outfit than on previous dates.-NICE! Just because she dressed more revealing doesn’t give you complete permission, but it sure is a good sign, and plenty fun to look at!

She seems drawn into everything you say, or laughs at everything you say no matter how dumb. -SHE’S JUST THAT INTO YOU- don’t be retarded! Nobody thinks you’re that cool, EXCEPT for a girl that is thinking about fucking you!*

Is there more physical contact than prior dates? Is she suddenly touching your arm, hand, leg, and shoulder more? – Even if it seems playful and platonic! –SHE IS THROWING HESELF AT YOU!- at least in her mind!

She is talking about sex, even jokingly. Like she reveals her shaved pussy status to you –DO I HAVE TO POINT THIS ONE OUT? If a woman, during normal conversation, mentions that she has a Hardwood floor, landing strip, a patch, an arrow, a Buckwheat in a leg lock, or a heart… it means that she wants you to be comfortable with it and to know what to look for on your journey to happy land.

After dinner suggesting we go to her apartment, as if it was assumed we were going there.
When we get to her building she is inviting you in. -DUH! If a woman has class and self-dignity, she’ll couch the invite under the auspices of seeing the fabulous view from her bedroom, her new cute-as-a-button puppy or to drink some trendy, exotic tea. If she’s a dirty-girl-sure-thing or just doesn’t care about her reputation in the community, she’ll simply ask you to come home with her. You need to understand that just because a woman invites you into her apartment does not mean that she is saying that she will have sex with you. Sure, she is giving you the opportunity, but it is her right to revoke the privilege at any time. You have to know how to take advantage of the opportunity.

Or at your place is she carrying a bigger bag, and she carried it in. (could mean an expected sleepover at your place)?-ASSUME SO!
She enters your place with only implied invitation.-LEAD HER IN.

There is no resistance to touch.-YOU’RE IN!

She sticks her tongue out at you.-SHE IS HORNY- I’m not sure why women do this, but be assured that if a woman sticks her tongue out at you in a playful manner, you, my friend, are in luck. I’m not sure if it is the playfulness or the act of revealing a moist body part, but either way, you should make your move.

She says, “I don’t think I should have sex with you.”
Do not confuse this with, “No.” No means no and you should back off. “I don’t think I should have sex with you,” however, is a very tricky phrase because of the “don’t think”. The woman is saying this because she knows she probably shouldn’t have sex with you and is trying to talk herself out of it. What you should do is follow up with, “You are right… we should not have sex.” Be cool. As the night progresses and you play your cards right, she might change her mind. Or she may mace you.

These signs are often very subtle, it is your job to amplify them, and ACT on them.

Always remember, a woman showing interest won’t be offended by the idea that you want to have sex with her on even a first date.

I know how hard it is to recognize signs; sometimes many men feel that they shouldn’t push the idea of sex. It goes against everything they have learned from their mommies!-NEWSFLASH- They are not going to do it for you!

Simply stated, most women who want to have sex with you will make it very easy for it to happen. On the other hand, if she doesn’t want to have sex with you, she will make it very difficult for it to happen.

There are many other body language clues and such I won’t delve into, but this will give you an idea-WHEN IT’S TIME TO ESCULATE!
Play your cards right men. Look into her feeling center, assert some seductive activity and sexual flattery while being playful and hard to get. She might just ask you to peel her clothes off.

Play to her triggers, lead, and you should be successful.

Hudders is the original founder of The Male Insider. He's an avid marketer, webmaster, traveler and fitness enthusiast.
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