How To Fuck A Girl – The 7 Mindsets Of A Great Lover

How To Fuck A Girl

You have now picked up a girl… you both arrived back at your place. You have escalated all the way to sex. Things seem to work out – she is horny, you are horny… and any signs of “last minute resistance” have been removed. It is time for you both to have sex.

The problem is, you don’t really know how to fuck a girl.

Sexual anxieties are a problem many men have. This results in the sex being pretty bad. Which that again, it makes guys even more anxious about having sex – it become a vicious circle.

By knowing how to fuck a girl, it will not only make you better in bed, but way less anxious (again resulting in you having better sex). By learning how to fuck a girl by reading this, you’ll feel a lot more confident.

However keep in mind that there are no quick fixes. Practice makes perfect. (To download our free report ’3 positions that guarantee orgams’, click here)

What you will find in this 2-part article will help make things easier for you. In this part I will cover some mindsets and truth about sex – what turns women on. In the next part I will cover some awesome practical sex techniques. Hope you enjoy this!

How To Fuck A Girl

This guide will not cover how to fuck girls with weird fetishes .We will basically cover more universal aspects – overall what women love in bed. If you came to this page searching ‘how to fuck a girl’, reading this will help you have amazing sex with women.

1) Mindset 1 – Women Love Sex… Especially Dirty Sex.

Women enjoy dirty sex more than you would ever imagine. However they do act like they don’t. This is a result of her anti-slut defence (which you can read about here) where women hold back their true sexual nature in order to avoid social consequences.

Consider that most women have bad sex. Most women don’t even get orgasms. Did you know for instance that most women can orgasm? The reason they don’t is because of mental hang-ups and bad sex partners. Most guys have no idea how to fuck girls.

The sex women usually have is directly boring. If you thought women liked slow, soft romantic sex, then you are plainly wrong. Women have crazy sex fantasies. Of course some women have crazier sex fantasies than others – and some are more open about them than others.

But fact is… according to me and many other good PUA’s, the majority of women are actually into pretty wild stuff. I highly recommend people the book “My Secret Garden” by Nancy Friday on this matter.

So… please do not impose limits that are not necessary. Release yourself. If you ever go to far… she will tell you – by either saying it directly, or giving you a sign.

And this is our next point.

2) Mindset 2 – A Good Lover Is A Guy Who Pays Attention To His Partner

All women are different. What works with one girl, might not work with another. Same thing goes for men for that instance.

So what is key is to just try something out and see whether it works out or not. The way you see if something works out is to keep your eyes open. Is she enjoying what you are doing or not?

If the answer is “yes”, just keep doing what you are doing. If the answer is “no”, then do something else and keep your eyes open for her reaction. This way you can calibrate your way into having amazing sex.

I am fully aware of the fact that women are known to be good fakers (fake orgasms etc…). There are sadly no quick fixes to this other than gaining experience. Only then you can easily spot the fakers.

But for that instance… keep paying attention to your partner and see how she reacts, & feels toward the sex is always a winner.

3) Mindset 3 – Never Ask For Permission

Never ask for permission – “can I do you doggy”. This is just a huge turn off to women. It shows lacks of dominance – in fact it makes you look submissive.

So what you do instead is simply do it. Do what ever you want (within certain limits of course) while you pay attention to her reaction (see mindset (2)). If it is a positive one… you keep on going… if it is a negative one, you stop it right there and do something else.

4) Mindset 3 – Women Are Not Made Of Glass

Being a little ruff is something women get turned on by.

The reason is simply because it shows dominance. You are taking the lead and you are expressing so much horniness by being ruff, that she will automatically get turned on by it.

You also you make her feel really feminine and attractive. This can only be a winner.

But don’t be that ruff that you scare the shit out of her. That is just stupid.

In fact most men believe women like light sex. Butt he majority (a big majority) of the women I have been with have enjoyed ruff sex way more than soft sex. This is something you should keep in mind.

“Women are in fact not made of glass.”

4) Mindset 5 – Seduction Is Mutual

This means that sex is all about you pleasing your partner and her pleasing you in return. This means that she has to please you as much as you please her. The same goes the other way around.

In this case… when having sex, always give her as much pleasure as she is giving you. This is the main requirement.

However…. You should be aware of what you enjoy doing while having sex. Therefore have to make sure she pleases you -you need to lead her into pleasing you.

On the other hand, if she is not willing to perform your wishes, simply accept it and try to make her do something else.

For example if you get a lot of pleasure from having anal sex and she is not into it, just accept it and make her give you a blowjob instead.

5) Mindset 5 – Enjoy Her Body And Presence

This one is very important. When you are having sex with her, do not only fuck just for the sake of the orgasm, but also enjoy the process as a whole. Enjoy her body; enjoy the vibe, her presence.

This will not only make the whole experience more pleasurable to you, but also to her, as it is also a huge turn on for women.

The reason is because women love the feeling of you being turned on by them. They feel feminine and they get very horny from it.

Therefore, it is key to show appreciation to her body. This is can be done in many ways, such as showing dominance, licking her whole body with passion, showing signs of excitement. You get the idea.

6) Mindset 6 – Don’t Be Nervous About Premature Ejaculation.

In fact, when you are nervous about ejaculating too early, you increase the chance of premature ejaculation. It becomes a vicious circle.

Therefore don’t be nervous about it.

Here is a little fact for you. If you cum fast… it is not a big deal. Women have no problem with the premature ejaculation itself. However what they do have a problem with is the fact that when a man ejaculates early, the sex is somewhat over – while she remains horny.

But what if you cum fast, and instead of just stop having sex, you keep on having sex with her? Well then… the problem is solved!

However… I am fully aware of the fact that it takes some time to ”reload”… but why don’t you finger her; kiss her, lick her pussy in the meantime? That seems to be doable. And once you feel that you have reloaded… have sex again – this time, since you already came once you will last way longer.

This seems like a win-win situation for me.

7) Mindset 7 – Know What You Are Doing

As we have seen, being dominant in bed is very attractive and a huge turn on to women. But in order to allow women to be dominated in bed by us, we need to assure them that we know what we are doing. Being confident is what makes a good dominant lover.

That is why alpha males are dominant and therefore so attractive. So knowing what you are doing is key – and this will be our topic for next time.

Obviously, learning how to fuck a girl is far more mental than most guy’s think.


Teevster (Aka TVA_Oslo) debuted in 2007 on the old mASF and is now a well-known 'seducer' mostly due to his unique style of game. His main tool in seduction is sex talk - where he mainly focuses on female sexuality as a way to get good sex in a non-sleezy way. According to him, insights on female sexuality and psychology are the main elements of what makes a good seducer - as it makes women comfortable about openening up sexually to you. Beside seduction, he is studying philosophy where he is militantly working on a worldview advocating sexual openness.
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2 comments on “How To Fuck A Girl – The 7 Mindsets Of A Great Lover

  1. Besski livius on said:

    Great post! Sums up a lot of good points. I mean if a guy would actually pay attention to this points and actually incorporate them into their mentality…a lot more women would be happy, and a lot more pussy would come their way – a sexually confident guy naturally makes women feel more comfortable having sex with them.
    So, thanks for reminding some great points.

    • Hudders on said:

      Totally agree. Sexual confidence is one of the more important mindsets, i.e. knowing your shit. The slightest hint that you don’t know what you’re doing makes a girl’s pu*sy dry up like the Sahara Desert.

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